Zuzanna Skiba

A postcard from ZUZANNA SKIBA sent from Berlin, Germany. Zuzanna was born in born 1968 in Koszalin, Poland and moved to Germany in 1977. She is Berlin based cartogarpher and visual artist. "I am working on a personal cartography based on memories and real experiences. My serial work complex represents exemplary a mental procedure which is changing its figures fluently. Inner and outer landscapes merge into autonomous shapes and are embedded into paintings." Zuzanna is a painter, she draws and she also works in the field of photography. Her biografical connection to cartography is an important part of her artwork. (from 1085-88 she was trained as cartographer, in the Map Department, City of Bielefeld. Her fields of specialization: Topographic and Thematic Cartography, Terrain shading)

"... oh my Fernweh - you just widen my longing and my heart opens towards the sky
- this is were I want to go"
(roughly translated from German)
More of Zuzanna's work can bee seen on her website
http://www.zuzannaskiba.com along with related text  (also in English)

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