Alex Booth

A postcard from ALEXANDER BOOTH, sent from Berlin, Germany: "The postcard is a watercolor & colored pencil treatment of a photocopy of an old rendering of the 1st century BCE mausoleum dedicated to Cecilia Metella, which is located at the beginning of the Appia Antica in Rome. The tomb was partially built on lava rock, which was believed to be indestructible & so too, by extension, the memory &, more importantly, love of she in whose honor the tomb had been constructed. It has long been a very important place to me." Alex moved from Rome to Berlin, Schöneberg, two years ago. He was born and raised in the USA and grew up bilingual, speaking English and German. Alex and I met in Rome in 2005 where he lived at the time and I had a temporary artist grant at the Casa di Goethe.

Alex's book-length translation of German poet Lutz Seiler's in field latin is forthcoming in 2016 with Seagull Books. Other work has most recently appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Massachusetts Review, PEN America Journal, & Poems in Which. In addition, he keeps a weblog on (mostly) Rome in literature and Roman literature, Misera e stupenda città. Work can also be found at https://wordkunst.wordpress.com/

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