Michaela Zimmer

A postcard from MICHAELA ZIMMER, sent from Berlin, Germany. Michaee is a Berin based painter, performance artist and photographer. Her work is very complex and often material-based, She often uses spray paint, acrylics, lacquer, foil, plasitc film and canvases creating surprising abstract arrangements.

Michaela is also involved in various collaborations with other artists, such as frontviews, for example. I met Martina through a group show and dinner in an artist studio in Berlin 2012. My friends Veronike Hinsberg and Inken Reinert and I organized this evening.  This is how it worked: the three of us invited three people each. And every invited person was asked to invite another two people - not only artists but also people who might be interested to attend this evening. All artists brought one piece of their art, we displayed them on a blue wall in the studio at the very evening. In front of the wall there was a big table with food and drinks. It was a very lively dinner with interesting conversations and very nice people. And one of these nice people was Michaela. Her work and some texts (also in English) can be found here: http://www.michaela-zimmer.de/?page_id=31&_lang=en

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