Hannah van Ginkel

A postcard from HANNAH VAN GINKEL sent from Berlin, Germany. Hannah was born  and raised in Siegburg, Germany and now she lives and works in Berlin. She is a visual artist with a focus on collage on canvas. "Working with collages is therefore a means for me to find a direct connection to this reality by integrating elements of everyday life into my works." Hannah is also the cofounder of a recently opened artist-run project space named HilbertRaum, located in Berlin, Neukölln. Behind HilbertRaum is a group of 14 Berlin-based artists, who take turns curating and organizing two-week exhibitions throughout the entire year. Projects incorporate a broad range of painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance.

I heard about Hannah and her work through her lovely father, who connected us. I met him last year, in the context of my day job. He was a participant of a training for workers' council in Berlin. It was a pleasure to talk to him - has a very cool sense of humor and is very proud of his daughter Hannah, quite rightly! http://www.hannahvanginkel.de/

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