Elisabeth Sonneck

A postcard, painted on an orange envelope from ELISABETH SONNECK, sent from Berlin, Germany. Elisabeth is a Berlin based abstract painter and installation artist. Her work is about the various shades and translucent layers of color and space and about the way how all of these topics might interact.

"Fernweh = being here + longing to be somewhere else, the good life = to be on the way there" Elisabeth has her studio in the same structure the last Anonymous Drawings Show "based in Berlin" took place, in May 2014. The name of this studio-house is Milchhof and it is located in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, the former East. This is were I met her for some very nice and interesting conversations, not only about the  importance of colored walls and the way to paint them properly. (Which was the issue for me to resolve, before installing the Anonymous Drawings show) Elisabeth was very helpful and supportive during the installation period of the show. And it was a pleasure to take a break from painting the exhibition walls, sitting in the sun and chatting with her about pretty much everything. http://www.elisabeth-sonneck.de/

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