Matthew Rose

A postcard from MATTHEW ROSE, sent from Paris, France. It is a tribute to the collage and correspondence artist Ray Johnson.

Matthew  is an amazing collage artist, born in the USA, living in Paris. I once visited him in Paris, together with my friends Nike and Inken. It was a memorable evening. Laughter, chicken, baked potates, red wine and music - and Matthew's art covering every cm of the  studio walls. His website: http://matthewrosestudio.net  and the Blog: http://matthewrosestudio.blogspot.com/

Andre Stocker

A postcard from ANDRE STOCKER, from Placentia, California / USA

I got to know Andre through my Anonymous Drawings Project. He submitted a bunch of amazing and pleasingly weird drawings, I loved them at first sight. Andre studied visual arts at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He still draws. A lot. And he owns a company.

Dawn Schabner

A postcard from DAWN F. SCHABNER, sent from Sayville, NY / USA

"For me the good life ist to be able to paint and to read."

I met Dawn at the Vermont Studio Center, October 2011. Dawn lived in Germany as a very young woman, from 1954 - 57.  She had so many interesting stories to tell, and she recalled impressing things about her time in Germany.  Thank you Dawn for this postcard, your art,  and all the good conversations  we had when we met. http://www.dawnschabnerart.com/


Bettina Carl

A postcard from BETTINA CARL, sent from Zürich, Switzerland. Bettina studied in visual arts at the Berlin University of Art and the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London/UK. 

"Make: true love and good art and vice versa / When the typical is new, how shall we recognize it?" http://www.bettinacarl.de/

Lauren Goldstein

A postcard from LAUREN GOLDSTEIN. Sent to me from Las Cruces, New Mexico / USA. Lauren attended the Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska 1999-2005. Thank you, Lauren for this postcard and your definition of your "Fernweh - good life"!

"Fernweh...the good life: To travel with a partner who makes  me whole. As that anywhere we go we are at home - un slot canyons of Utah hiking in red and orange light, on the rain-slick streets of Seattle, on bar stools at the best breweries, 30,000 feet above in a 147 bound for our next destination"  Lauren Goldstein.


Michael Lee

3 postcards by MICHAEL LEE, a visual artist from Woodside, NY!
Michael, Thank you so much for this lovely & warming good life song!

... and another song.....


!!     http://www.michaelaaronlee.com/

Elizabeth Stehling

A postcard from ELIZABETH STEHLING, sent from Nebraska City. Elizabeth is a video artist and the new program director of the KHN Center for the arts in Nebraska City, NE.
Thank you, Elizabeth for your postcard and for your great work at KHN. It is such a good place to work at, I am having a very productive time with a lot of new inspirations. http://www.elizabethstehling.com

Brian Chambers

I met Brian on the Amtrak train from Chicago to Omaha. It was my first train trip in the US. and it took 9 precious hours. I was on my way to Nebraska City. Brian was the nicest fellow traveler one can find. Talking about pretty much everything and having a drink while watching the landscape drifting by was such a perfect introduction this wide open land of the Midwest. I loved the lounge car of this train - with the big windows. Thank you Brian, for your lovely company!
A postcard from BRIAN  CHAMBERS from Eddyville, Iowa.


Mike Little

A postcard from MIKE LITTLE, Nebraska City, NE /USA. It is A digital print on paper.

Mike is an art instructor at the Nebraska City Middle School

Rita Leppiniemi

A postcard from RITA LEPPINIEMI: Collage and Papercut on blue paper


Rita is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland: http://www.leppiniemi.net/


Gam Bodenhausen

A postcard from GAM BODENHAUSEN!
An etching on cardboard.

 Gam invtited me and the Anonymous Drawings Project for an exhibiton at the the Temporay Art Centre Eindhoven. During my stay there she and her lovely family hosted me in their house in Geldrup which is very close to Eindhoven. I spent a wonderful time with Gam, Marcel, the sweet twins and Gam's father. Still remember the Sunday breakfasts in the sunflooded kitchen with fresh eggs from the chicken living in the garden outside.

Kati Gausmann

Two postcards from KATI GAUSMANN, a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany


"The good life is based on respect! Everyone knows about the uniqueness of all" 

Holland Cunningham

A postcard from HOLLAND CUNNINGHAM, a visual artist from New York City.

Holland is an artist who makes work in oil, waterbased media, photography as well as animation. http://www.hollandcunningham.com

Pat Friedli

A postcard from PAT FRIEDLI, Nebraska City, NE / USA.
Collage: paper with inserted textile-snippets in the shape of the State of Nebraska.
Pat is the Assistant Director of the KHN center for the arts in Nebraska City.


Patricia Zarate

"SILENCE" A postcard from PATRICIA ZARATE, a visual aritst born in Cali, Colombia - currently living in New York City.
Patricia is co-founder of the artist-run gallery space KEY PROJECTS based in Long Island City, New York. http://patriciazarate.com/

Alec MacLeod

A postcard from ALEC MacLEOD. Alec is an artist an scholar from Oakland, California / USA. We met at the Vermont Sudio Center, as fellow residents, October 2011. I remember Alec as a person with a wonderful and very poetic sense of humor.

More about Alec's work: http://alecmacleod.net/

Patrick Weh Weiland

A postcard from PATRICK WEH WEILAND"There will be space for us in a yellow tent"
Patrick is an artist living in Berlin, Germany. He writes, he sings, he plays weird instruments, he dances and he draws, he collaborates with other artists, poets and musicians. He a truly delightful allrounder! He has a band called SchnickSchnack.

"WEH of any kind is a longing / longing yields hope / hope is the power making us  human beings - welcome to the good life -"  https://patrickwehweiland.wordpress.com/

Sam Grigorian

A postcard in an envelope by SAM GRIGORIAN, a visual artist, born in Yerevan, Armenia. Sam lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 1992.
"Sam Grigorian’s art includes a wide range of large-and small-scale works on paper, collages and décollages." http://www.samgrigorian.de/html/english.html


Nancy Goldring

A postcard from Nancy Goldring, New York City, USA. "Title: sea saw floating" More about the sea-saw series you can read here: www.nancygoldring.com/art/sea-saw/# Nancy is a visual artist, she is com­bin­ing graphic, pho­to­graphic, and pro­jected mate­r­ial, she pro­duces work that appears as a non-narrative series of images or what she has called foto-projections.

Nancy and I met in June 2011 in Otranto/Puglia, Italy in June 2011 in the context of an art-residency at the BAU Institute.  I worked for BAU as a staff-artist and Nancy was one of the resident fellows. We often went swimming in the Adriatic sea. It was a beautiful summer of good life.


Esmé Weijun Wang

A postcard from Esmé Weijun Wang
Esmé is a writer and speaker from San Francisco, California, USA

Esmé is one of the current residents at the KHN Center or the arts in Nebraska city.

Esmé personally handed over her postcard just now. Thank you Esmé!


Matthias Beckmann

A postcard from Matthias Beckmann, a visual artist and draftsman.  Matthias was born in Arnsberg, Germany, and now lives in Berlin, Germany. Matthias is an extraordinarily lovely person, making accurate drawings everywhere, everytime.  For the Germans, here is a very nice article about him in KUNSTFORUM "Zeichnen zur Zeit VII"
"The good life - Das gute Leben" explaned by Matthias in German. Rough(!) translation: "Important thinkers and searchers thought about it deeper than I am able to. The good life is a life that I live in fundamental consent, with gratitude and pleasure. Despite of the doubts and the human inadequacies, in seeking sense, with the endeavor to orient my acting and my position to the things I consider right and important and appropriate, always knowing that i am not the centre of the word. The good life is less dependent on external circumstances than we are led to believe." http://www.matthiasbeckmann.com/

Marte Kiessling

a postcard in an envelope from Marte Kiessling, a visual artist, based in Berlin, Germany

the good life!

glittering marker on print