Eva Nikolova

A postcard from EVA NIKOLOVA, Eva is a Bulgarian‐born visual artist, based in New York. She works primarily in drawing, printmaking, hand‐drawn animation and alternative photo processes exploring themes of memory and identity in relation to a sense of place. She holds a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Southern Illinois University and a MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington. In Eva's artist statement I found many topics closely related to "Fernweh..the good life: "My work grows out of a sense of place - a place which, while it is very much part of me, I am no longer a part of. The deep affinity I feel for emblematically Balkan structures and sites is the corollary to the rapid homogenization of space in a world madly rushing towards cultural and economic singularity. But the intense gravitational pull of these images on my immigrant’s imagination is also rooted in a sense of personal dislocation – as much cultural as physical. In grappling with the meaning of “Home”, the house – the archetypal image of home – takes on narratives of memory, longing, desire, and ultimately opens up onto issues of identity. Architecture becomes the allegorical guise through which I explore the connections between iconic cultural objects and the construction of identity and memory - personal and collective, individual and national."

Eva is my studio neighbor at the Art Center in Nebraska City. She is a very nice night owl, she loves to work in her studio during the night time. And she experiments with the most different substances like an alchemist, which is very interesting and mysterious to me. When I am opening my blinds in the early morning sometimes there is still light in Eva's  studio. I found her postcard this morning. I guess she slipped it under my door right before going to bed. Thank you Eva for your nocturnal postcard and this very true definition of the good life. http://evanikolova.com

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