Bjørn Hegardt

A postcard from BJØRN HEGARDT, sent from Berlin, Germany. Bjørn Hegardt is a Norvegian visual artist working mainly with drawing. He also collborates with the artist TheoÅgren in varoious installation-projects: http://www.bjornandtheo.net/ In 2001 Bjørn graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in Norway and is since then based in Berlin.

Bjørn is also the founder and editor of Fukt magazine for drawing. FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing. It comes without ads, beautifully designed with a focus on the visual, with occasional interviews with interesting artists and essays by engaging authors. The design and format are changing for each issue. Bjørn and I met years ago in Berlin and since then we collaborated in several projects and exhibitions. He featured some of my drawings in FUKT  #11 in 2012. http://bjornhegardt.com/

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