Tamara Arroyo

A postcard from TAMARA ARROYO sent from Madrid, Spain. Tamara is a multitalented visual artist -  she makes site specific installations, objects, animations, and she draws and edited several artist books and created various public art projects. "The work I’ve been doing involves actions in which I observe and interpret the space surrounding me and strike up a dialogue between the real and the imaginary. It is based on real spaces to which I add elements or act through drawings to make them a place for thinking and researching what happened before…–I make installations and on-site drawings and adapt myself to this permanent impermanence, and why the materials used are reflected through photographs."

Tamara joined a group show "Dibujando páginas" at Columpio Galería Madrid the - same exhibiton space where I had a so show 2010. She also took part at the Anonymous Drawings Project several times, this is how we got to know each other.

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