Stefan Riebel

A postcard from STEFAN RIEBEL, sent from Berlin Germany. Stefan asked me to write the above dedication on the ground, somewhere in Nebraska City and then sending him the digital image of this writing. We would print a small edition of postcards. So this postcard is a collaborative work of the both of us, and part of Stefan's conceptual series dedication pieces. I wrote the dedication on the alley, right behind my studio in Nebraska City.

Stefan almost exclusivelyworks in series in the field of space-related performance and conceptual art. He focuses on a non-expressive way to deal with information, statements and descriptions and furthermore he to developes interactive and model-like open structures, processes and concepts. All of his works deal with very basic questions, for instance: what art could be, how something turns into art, what sort of significance art could have, how the relation between art and its audience might be..  He is also the co-founder of the "month of performance art - berlin”and the founder of the splendid „institut für alles mögliche (i-a-m) in Berlin - a highly recommend art&residency-space. "i-a-m" runs spaces, organizes events and openes up free space for experiments and tests of all kinds. It can be seen as an organism, an attitude, an idea, an offer on how artistic collaborations / gatherings / society could look like. Last but not least Stefan often collaborates with Ilse Ermen, among other things they created an ongoing postcard-project called "Abwesenheitsnotitzen" (out-of-office noticifications).

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