Alfred Banze

Two postcards in an envelope from ALFRED BANZE, sent from Yokyakarta, Indonesia. Alfred is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist: he makes movies, performances, installations, drawings and objects. "Since 2001 he has worked in participatory art projects, in which children, youth and adults, amateurs, artists and specialists in various areas be included in the artistic production. Using this process-oriented way of working since 2004, he reflect changes in global cultural conditions, including in emerging and developing countries. His intermedia projects he understands primarily as gestures, as a collective and individual interventions in the mediated public space."

"The good life is here + everywhere..."

The amazing envelope. What a massive paperwork. The most exotic envelope I ever received.
Alfred conducted a lot of workshops and participatory art projects and performances in the most different countries of the world. Currently Alfred is traveling in Indonesia, together with his partner Christine Falk. You can find the story about the mail-adventure "postcards from Indonesia to Nebraska" on this blog along with Christine's poscards


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