Jan Wurm

A great series of postcards from JAN WURM,
 sent from Berkeley, California / USA.  Jan is a visual artist. 
We met in Berlin a few years ago.   
YOU under the sun: Berlin-Dreamin' 
ME in the snow: California Dreamin'

"In California I dream of Berlin, the good life "Jan Wurm is an artist who divides her time between Berkeley and L.A., her hand between drawing and painting, and her reading between fiction and nonfiction. Wurm has taught for University of California Berkeley Extension and has lectured extensively as a guest artist. Wurm organized and facilitated a Guest Artist Lecture Series for the Berkeley Art Center and is actively engaged in expanding the community forum for contemporary art dialogue. Wurm is currently Guest Curator at the Richmond Art Center.  http://janwurm.com/
"In Berlin I long for Vienna"

"In Vienna I pine for Paris"

"When I am in Vienna I think of Paris, the good life"

"In Paris I ponder for Rome"

"When I am in Paris I'd love to go to Rome, the good life"

"In Venice I ache for the Aegean"

"When I sleep in Venice I am dreaming of Greece. The good life"

"In Greece I yearn for home"

"In Greece Fernweh turns to Heimweh, the good life"

"At home I am always at sea"

Thank you, Jan, for this great miniseries about Fernweh*the good life. The lady is a tramp. And you are a lady!

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