Katrin Ströbel

A postcard from KATRIN STRÖBEL sent from Stuttgart, Germany. Katrin lives and works in Stuttgart (D), Nice (F) and on travels. She studied visual art, intermedia arts and literature. She holds a PhD in art history and teaches since 2013 as professor for drawing at Villa Arson, école nationale supérieure d'art Nice, France.
Katrin's drawings, installations and videos deal with semiotics, the relation of words and images, (pictorial) languages and cultural codes. Through travel grants and longer stays in Europe but also Africa and America since 2004 (France, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, the U.S. and Peru among others), her work has included more and more intercultural and socio-political questions like impacts of urbanism and architecture, migration, borders, intercultural communication. Besides these rather political or cultural themes, an important subject has been the basic reflections of the meaning and function of contemporary art in so called "western" and "non-western" contexts. Above all Katrin is the founder of "lininenscharen", Stuttgart based platform and network for contemporary drawing. http://www.katrin-stroebel.de

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