Pauline Kraneis

A postcard from PAULINE KRANEIS, sent from Berlin, Germany.  Pauline was born in London, UK and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. Now she is living in Berlin with her  husband Nikolas and their son. Pauline is a visual artist with a strong focus on drawing, but she also does installations, often combined or based on drawing.   Pauline studied fine arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin and the Glasgow School of Art. Pauline's work is represented by the gallery Fricke in Berlin.

wege. suchen. finden.  paths. seeking. finding.
Pauline and I met each other through mutual friends a couple of years ago. Since then it often happens that we meet each other at the same places, art openings and other events. I admire her way to draw and the way she handles space, architecture, patterns and ornament. http://www.paulinekraneis.de/

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