Anke Westermann

A postcard from ANKE WESTERMANN, sent from Berlin, Germany. Anke is multidisciplinary artist. She makes installations, objects and organized several collaborative art projects with and for other artists. Such as BRIX, *poliflur* and SIRIUS. I got to know Anke because she invited me to contribute something to a group exhibition named märzbau in a former greenhouse in Berlin-Lichtenberg. It was a very unusual thing for me because I was used to simply pin drawings on a wall. Which is a difficult thing to do in a greenhouse with all the humidity and the glass.. So I made my very first installation piece for märzbau and for Anke. I am still grateful for  this opportunity wich pretty much widened my paper-horizon.

The subject of Anke's postcard is part of a series of photographs she named Vergnügungsparks = amusement parks.  She writes that this subject came into her mind when she thought about Ferweh-the good life. Anke recently published a book called "Anke Westermann Atlas". It is a very inspiring documentation of her works and various art projects. Better to buy the original, a beautifully designed book, but to get an idea - here is a pdf view: http://www.ankewestermann.de/uploads/media/Anke_Westermann_Atlas_kl.pdf

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