Christine Falk

Two postcards from Indonesia sent by CHRISTINE FALK, a Berlin based painter. Christine travels a lot - specially to Asia - always in the context of her work as an artist. Currently she and her partner, the artist Alfred Banze, stay a couple of month in Indonesia. Her postcards arrived in an envelope. And this is the story she emailed me, right after she came back from the post office in Yokyakarta on January 26 (rough translation from German): "Yesterday we traveled from Wakatobi, the Marine National Park at the Bandasea south from Sulawesi, to Yokyakarta for our residency at the Kersan Art Studio. Over there I designed two postcards. It was not an easy thing to do for me, because I haven't worked within such a small format for years. And with the materials that are available over here. Well, you'll see. For convenience, and to make sure the postcards will arrive in time, I consciously waited for Yokyakarta and mailed them today. This was actually quite an action:
...We drove to the town center and the tourist center Maliboro Street. The post office was supposed to be there. We walked forever, it felt like passing 780 efficient merchants and countless sociable bicycle-rickshaw drivers. We passed up several temple visits and vulcano ascents, we did not by any batik, and - finally - at the end of the street we fond an (open!) post office. My request to dispatch the postcards quickly, has not been understood by the lady at the counter. Then our request has been shot down by a  second, English speaking lady. Postcards are not designed for being mailed quickly, and I should buy envelopes at the shop which was (conveniently) attached to the post office. So I went to expense purchasing an envelope. I convinced them to stamp the postcards before I put them in the envelope. the way the authentic of the postcard would be maintained. ABove that the collage of the one postcard won't be damaged. Now I hope my works arrive in about 2 weeks at the latest." Yes! Your postcards took exactly 16 days from Yokyakarta to Nebraska City. Christine, thank you very much for this extensive action!
"Dear Anke, Greetings from hot Indonesia to the cold Nebraska. Fernweh could not be more oppositional! Have a good time over there. Best, Christine"
"For me Indonesia is strongly connected with the sea and the colour of blue. Are you able to integrate Nebraska to this?"http://www.christinefalk.de

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