Veronike Hinsberg

A postcard from VERONIKE HINSBERG, sent from Sturmberg, southern Germany. Nike is a Berlin based visual artist, a sculptress and draftswoman. She and I studied as fellow students at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. Veronike and I often work together on various projects, such as collaborative drawings with Inken Reinert, the Anonymous Drawings Project, Damensalon and others. Above that we are good friends, we often meet in the early morning, having a coffee together before the day starts. Or having some drinks when the day work is done.
"Dear Anke, waking up in the morning, heating the wood fire in the kitchen at Sturmbeg while the full moon is standing above the forest, shining on the snowy fields. And then, thinking of you, somewhere completely different, maybe just going to bed. This, for me, is the good life" Nike and her family often spent their holidays time in an old farmhouse on the Sturmberg in southern Germany, the place where she grew up. A beautiful, simple and remote house with a big orchard, a kitchen with a wood fire, a big barn and an outhouse and a lot of space on the hilly grounds close to the forest. This is where the postcard was sent from. I still remember the big party Nike and her partner Olf threw last summer. Three splendind days of nice people, plenty of food and drinks, a band, music, dancing and a lovely ceremony: "20 years of concubinage, 3 kids and still in love" Unforgettable. http://veronike.hinsberg.de/

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