Heike Gallmeier

A postcard from HEIKE GALLMEIER, sent from Berlin, Germany. Born in Berlin in 1972, Heike studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz and finished her studies in the master class of the sculpture department at the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee. She lives and works in Berlin. "Heike's works are acts of self-portrayal and escapism, surrogate worlds and projections. She investigates these phenomena working on her spatial arrangements built from everyday materials and found objects (staged photography and installations), as well as by photographing and filming found examples of staged situations and existing sceneries. Painting and photography, set design and performance blend and complement each other. "
"Surrogate landscapes: the pure being as a condition. direct impression of
the unknown. Everything makes sense. the flow of action and thoughts the good life"

Heike has her studio at Milchhof Berlin, same as Inken Reinert, Marc Haselbach and Elisabeth Sonneck ans many others "Milchof" is a former school in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, now transformed into a studio building for more than 40 artists. Some of Heike's work and a text (in English) can be seen here: http://heikegallmeier.de/pdf/surrogate_landscapes.pdf

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