Astrid Menze

A postcard from ASTRID MENZE, sent from Berlin, Germany. Astrid is a Berlin based interdisciplinary artist with the focus on time based media. She graduated in Audiovisual Media at the Gerrit-Rietveld-Academie Amsterdam and the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999. Astrid's work is based on the concept of the potential of the gap and the system error. Starting with given or found material, she searches for irregularity, lacks and thresholds within patterns and structures.
I first met Astrid in Berlin in the context of the Anonymous Drawings Project. Later on it turned out that we are often involved in the same places, exhibition spaces and projects. We have many mutual friends and artists we collaborate with. So I happen to meet Astrid quite often - Berlin can be a very small place, sometimes. In Berlin we also found out that we went to school up in the same small town,  but we never ran into each at the time, although there is only a minimal age difference. Small towns can be pretty isolated places, indeed. http://www.astridmenze.de/home.html https://vimeo.com/user1901063

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