Juliane Laitzsch

A postcard from JULIANE LAITZSCH, sent from Berlin, Germany. Juliane was born in Nürnberg, Germany. She served an apprenticeship for woodcraft and carpentry in Berchtesgaden and studied visual arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Juliane is a  draftswoman an da sculpress. Juliane's drawings are detailed, complex and accurately executed. She has a very good feeling for the fine line between decorative, artistic and conceptual approach. Above all Juliane is a researcher with a startling ability to connect objects and historic matter of facts within her work. Juliane's oeuvre deals with patterns, ornaments, textile structures and many more: http://julianelaitzsch.de Two years ago I had the pleasure to stay with Juliane, Veronike Hinsberg and Inken Reinert for 10 ten days in the medieval town of Quedlinburg in the Harz, Germany -  working on a collective drawing, performing some sort of graphic survey of Quedlinburg.

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