Denise Richardt

NEBRASKA GREEN - A postcard from DENISE RICHARDT from Berlin, Germany. Denise and I studied together at the Art School Berlin-Weissensee in the early 90's. Denise is an amazing landscape painter, born in the Eastern part of Berlin. Her way to handle the various shades of oil colors and large-sized canvas is extraordinary. 
My attempt to make a NEBRASKA GREEN, suitable for the Great Plains, worked like this: I first mixed a lot of Indian Yellow and moderate English Red - and for the blue color I added some Ultramarin. But the result was a somehow muddy brown. The second attempt with Prussian Blue unfolded a fine Green. Nebraska+Green.  Now then: The good life is the proper mixture!

Fernweh on the painter's palette…
Greetings from grey Berlin!
" addendum: In comparison with other green pigments the Nebraska Green is doing quite well: fairly mossy, with a slight note of pastel green..."

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