Ralf Krause

There are still postcards arriving - weeks after my departure from Nebraska, thank you Pat for scanning all these stragglers! Here is a postcard from RALF KRAUSE, my neighbour since the day I moved to my apartment house in Berlin, 1992. Ralf was born 1948 in Storkow (Brandenburg). He is a musician and a composer with a strong passion for flamenco-guitar. Actually, Ralf "Don" Krause is one of the best and most famous flamenco-guitarists of the former GDR. Yes, in the socialist times of East Germany existed a very active Flamenco scene - and Ralf was a fundamental part of it. After the fall of the Berlin wall, Ralf started to work in several film and theater projects, as a composer, musician and performer. He had a intense, long-time collaboration with the theater-director Jo Fabian.

"Dear Anke, thank you for the reminder to depart once again."
Ralf lives  with his partner Traudl Kupfer and their dog Django. I can see their kitchen window as I am watching out of my kitchen window. Having cool long-time neighbors like Ralf, Traudl and Django is definitely a great thing. It makes me feel at home. Some music samples and more info about Ralf can be found here: http://www.ralf-don-krause.de/tonproben.html

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