Anne Hölck & Gian Manuel Rau

"stamps for postcards I never sent to people I know"
"stamps from postcards sent by people I do not know"

ANNE HÖLCK and GIAN MANUEL RAU sent me two postcards in 1 envelope. Concept art with stamps. Anne and Gian Manuel frequently work together on various theater-productions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. Anne is a stage- and costume designer and a curator for (often) animal-related art and text. She initiated the art project we,animals. Gian Manuel is a director, performance artist and photographer. Both of them live around the corner and we run into each other quite often, luckily. Anne and I know each other for ages, since our early days in Berlin - and I am very happy about this fact.

"In a world without melancholy the nightingales would start belching"
 (quotation of the romanian philosopher Emil Cioran)

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