Janine Sack

A postcard from JANINE SACK, sent from Berlin, Germany. Janine is a graphic designer, artist and teacher and has worked in Germany, Sweden and the Uk. Between 2008 and 2013 she was art Director for the weekly newspaper „der Freitag“. She creates newspapers, magazines, websites and books. Janine received numerous awards for the design for „der Freitag“ and scholarships for her work as an artist. Since 2014 she is part of the publishing house The Green Box. "The Green Box strives to translate works of art into the medium of the book, so that the distinction between the works and their documentation becomes blurred." Janine and I  regularily meet within the context of damensalon berlin. Same as me Janine is one of the members of damensalon. We prepare monthly dinners inviting changing guests to join us for meandering conversations over abundant meals and drinks.

"The good life is utopian -  always related to a projection,
whether for the afar or for home, which possibly never was
what it seemed to be from the distance."

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