The day I left Nebraska City to head home to Berlin again - February 27-  I received this lovely note written by Elizabeth Stehling, the director of KHN Center for the arts. I opened it while sitting in the plane from Omaha to Chicago with the view on the wide Great Plains from a the bird's eye view.

Thanks to Elizabeth and her assistant Pat and all the nice people of Nebraska City I really felt at home in this place far away from my home in Berlin. Time slipped by so quickly and when I had to leave I barely could imagine that six weeks were already over. I loved my time at the KHN Center for the arts in Nebraska City! The participation in the Fernweh*goodlife project and the support of the local community was an unique and overwhelming experience to me. I only can say: THANK YOU & DANKE, dear Elisabeth & Pat, thank you Kimmel Foundation for making this project and this residency possible, and thanks to ALL OF YOU who sent me your postcards. They made every single day of my residency. My special thanks go to the Nebraska City post-office and the mailman Bill Witte. I already miss you all! The community of Nebraska City and the great people of the KHN Center for the arts have a special and beloved place in my heart.

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