Carlos Silva

A postcard from CARLOS SILVA, a Berlin based artist. This postcard arrived in Nebraska City 1 week after my departure. A late, colorful surprise for the nice people at the art center. Carlos was born adn raised in Cali, Colombia. He studied architecture and fine arts in Bogota. 1999 Carlos moved to Berlin, where he lives and works ever since. Carlos is visual artist and a furniture designer. His art can be seen here and the furniture design here. If one day it will rain money for me, I would buy his white "Bücherregal S01" right away, along with one of his colorful mazy motion-paintings…

Carlos and I  know each other because we live in the same neighborhood and we have a couple of mutual friends and interests. Carlos' studio ins located a the Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof, same as Inken Reinert, Heike Gallmeier, Marc Haselbach and Elisabeth Sonneck, who sent postcards to Nebraska as well. Carlos also contributed several times work of his for my Anonymous Drawings Project. Besides his art, architecture & furniture design Carlos loves soccer: not only watching the games on TV, but  he is also as an enthusiastic soccer-coach for kids. http://carlossilva.org

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