Steve Snell

A postcard from STEVE SNELL sent from Hastings, Nebraska/USA. Steve is a visual artist and a performance artist: "I like to call my art practice adventure art.  I use the term to describe a performance-based action of adventure, in which I (or someone else) use creativity and imagination to have an exciting and remarkable experience.  These adventures are then transformed through various artistic and popular media in order to build a mythology and share the story with others. Adventure art is an attempt to live life as though it were a movie or at least present the image that it is one."

Steve's adventure art is currently on display at the KHN Center for the Arts in Nebraska City: "Welcome to Adventure Art" He created an immersive art installation for the KHN gallery: Video documentations of his adventures, paintings, watercolors, and various artifacts -  all installed on wood-covered exhibition walls. Steve worked on this complex and detailed installation for quite a while. I saw it growing during my time as a resident artist at KHN.  For the opening reception of this show Steve brought a some of his students of the Hastings College where he teaches painting, digital media, art history, and adventure-art.  Among his students are Jasmine Radetski, Pat Nelsen, Katherine Arias, Lauren Maystrick, Jessica Gonzalez, Lauren Shomaker, Ryann Swanson and Luke Ervin.  http://www.steve-snell.com/

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