The starting point. The idea for the project.

Nebraska's state sign
"I have created the mail-art project "Fernweh..the good life" on the occasion of an 6-week artist-residency in Nebraska City,NE/USA at the KHN Center for the Arts

Nebraska City is a small town in the Midwest where the horizon is pretty wide and the sky is big. Nebraska City, the so-called "gateway to the West", the  "Wild West", the Great Plains, the native country of the Plains Indians and many bison. Along with the homestead act and the construction of the railroad across the plains a lot of European farmers rushed in to settle the land in the hopes of finding a new and better life, a good life...  

With this in mind I invited a selected group of international visual artists and writers to send a postcard to me in Nebraska with their very own interpretation of "Fernweh..the good life" Text,drawing, collage,print,photograph,painting - everything is possible. Every artist/writer was asked to add some lines about their personal definition of "the good life" on the postcard's back side. In return, every participant will receive a similar, one-of-a-kind postcard made by me from Nebraska City. 

Right after my arrival in Nebraska City I deicded to extend the project and launched an open call to participate for the people from Nebraska. This Blog is a documentation of all postcards I received during my stay Nebraska City." Anke Becker

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