Nancy Goldring

A postcard from Nancy Goldring, New York City, USA. "Title: sea saw floating" More about the sea-saw series you can read here: www.nancygoldring.com/art/sea-saw/# Nancy is a visual artist, she is com­bin­ing graphic, pho­to­graphic, and pro­jected mate­r­ial, she pro­duces work that appears as a non-narrative series of images or what she has called foto-projections.

Nancy and I met in June 2011 in Otranto/Puglia, Italy in June 2011 in the context of an art-residency at the BAU Institute.  I worked for BAU as a staff-artist and Nancy was one of the resident fellows. We often went swimming in the Adriatic sea. It was a beautiful summer of good life.

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